Monday, June 20, 2011

About C Interpreter for IOS

This project is my effort to bring the C programming language to the IPad. this will allow students, hobbyist and professionals to prototype their ideas on the Ipad. I do hope that once this project takes off and the interpreter is hardened, then we can write parsers of other programming languages like C++ and Objective-C on top of the interpreter. just like GCC.

This project is based on PicoC. many thanks to Zik Saleeba and others with him who made this work possible.

Finally, this URL will serve as a place where I and users can post their opinion, suggestions and bug reports.


  1. Hello,

    Some exemples codes solda be great.

    Best regards,

    1. JB,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I will include examples of various features in the next update.

      -- Bilal

  2. Good morning,

    I already bought the app a few days ago.

    I have some ideas, let me share with you.

    - Add examples,(preview comment).
    - Programming in C scares many, lots of people want make programs with simple algorithms.
    If you find a way to make it simpler you will capture the attention of the community and make your app one of the most requested App to program in C. For this purpose, an HTML interface that the user types in the algorithm, chooses cycles (which results in a 'For'), also chooses validation (if) and sends it directly to the app in to the ipad in C code.


  3. Just bought the app, and I like it. It lets me do some stuff on my iPad that I can't do with a calculator.
    Found a bug and want to suggest an addition.
    Bug: scanf doesn't seem to pull in floating-point numbers. It pulls in integers.
    Suggestion: add a way to allow the user to upload their .c files to some website or email them to themselves.

  4. The app doesn´t work correctly under iOS 7. It is not possible to create a new file because the input box in unvisible :-( It would be great if you can fix this bug.

  5. The app does not work under iOS 7 you cannot create a new file as the keyboard does not appear. Please fix this